Time for a change

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The first moth has passed and it is time to get serious.

The reason why I bought the .eu domain instead of the regular .ro is because I’ll use this blog to post in English. And .eu domains are indexed better by Google.

So, starting now, all posts will be written in either English or another European language, so that all European citizens can read my articles. I don’t want to promote any discrimination on this blog, so everybody will be discriminated equally. Every country will have, at some point, an article in their mother tongue. Except the gypsies. I don’t like them. :) . Just kidding, their language is not official.

Throughout time I’ve been writing only in Romanian and it occurred to me that I might be, at some point, blamed for using my mother tongue. Just as Sabina-Elena was blamed for wearing the Romanian flag in Romania. Makes sense, right?

Which reminds me. For doing this nasty thing, the Hungarians won’t get an article either. Except if they ask me nicely. And send me a present, or something. Just to prove that I don’t really have hard-feelings against them, a Havashi autographed CD will do. :)

It’s time to wrap this up and make a list of the countries and set up an order in which the articles will appear. A good idea will be for you, the public, to vote. Use the comment section to name the country/language you want the next article to be in.

Please vote for your favorite country until 7 PM. I’ll need time to study that country’s language, and write the article. Please don’t use countries that don’t exist (i.e. Ținutul Secuiesc) or countries that are not part of the E.U. (i.e. Mother Russia).

Also, Greece will not get an article either as it is time for them to pay for being bankrupted. And they have that strange alphabet which I don’t like.

So, start voting, I’ll update this article at 7 PM to let you know who the winner will be.

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