Training week over

27 May , 2013 Andrei Ciobanu Diverse

The training week in Brasov is over.

Got back in Bucharest yesterday, around noon and everybody, except some Greeks headed towards their homes. The Turks took a plane and arrived in Izmir last night.

The training week with the “Step Up Yourself” program was just awesome. The people that participated are great and we got along very good. It’s been quite a while since I had this much fun.

Now, that it’s over, I kinda’ miss the team. It’s that feeling you have when you get used to having someone nice around you. Seeing the same friendly faces over and over again for one week really boosted my mood. Even though my body needs some rest, as it is not used to intense partying, this training was totally worth it.

I thought I’d write a couple of words in English to facilitate (since this is what the training was all about) the preservation of this memory throughout time. Even if weeks and months go by, this post will remain here as a proof of my great moments with great people.

I don’t know if this training would have been as great if the location was different. Without the sightseeing and fresh air to wake us up after a long night. So, in your future career as facilitators you should also consider the importance of the venue.

We’ve  all learned a lot in the last 6 days, so now y’all should get some rest to get the information fixed in your brains so it will be ready to be used, when needed.

As I said, it was nice to meet you all and I hope we’ll get together as soon as we can share stories from our work as facilitators. Never thought people from different cultures could get along so good.

See you all soon!

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Vorbeste acum sau taci pe vecie.

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